Cabrini-Green: In Images and Words


Cabrini-Green: In Images and Words // $20

  • Format: Paperback
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  • LPC Group
  • Publication Date: October 2000
  • Written by David Whitaker
  • Edited by Jimmy Biggs and Anita Gunartt

About the book

After decades of stubborn resistance to a high-profile redevelopment plan, a distinct Chicago landmark is slowly disappearing. Sitting in the heart of downtown, the high-rise buildings of the Cabrini-Green housing development have long been a conspicuous element of the city's broad-shouldered landscape. While many have considered it a neighborhood to avoid, others have simply called it home.In the midst of its gradual demise, a compelling new book boldly examines the legacy of this community from the perspective of those who have lived here, raised families here and perhaps even planned to die here.

Aided by 23-year-old Jimmy Biggs and 19-year-old Anita Gunartt, both of whom were born and raised in Cabrini-Green, Chicago writer and author David Whitaker has compiled vivid memories from residents that include grandmothers and gang members, fathers and college students. Complemented by the adept work of Chicago-based photographer Blair Jensen, the result is at once an authentic tale, an enlightening portrait and a streetwise study of the country's most recognized housing development.Acting as expert guides and rotating narrators, residents lead readers on a virtual tour through their community's troubled past and its uncertain future. In reflecting on their many experiences, they tell only one story...the story of Cabrini-Green from the inside out.

-Chicago Public Library